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Pronunciator announces personalized language learning

by Desiree Saunders on 2019-02-21T16:02:07-07:00 | Comments
‚ÄčPronunciator has gotten a whole new look and is introducing Personalized Language Courses -- the first of its kind. 
Personalized Courses give learners the ability to quickly and easily create custom language courses that match their personal interests; their occupation (60 supported); their learning goals (speaking, understanding, reading, writing); their age group; their commitment level; and their available time.
The website ( has been totally revamped to reflect the new personalized focus.
Each course can be anywhere from 4 weeks to a year in length; teaches any of 99 languages; and can be learned in any of 62 home languages.
It means that 
- a nurse can learn American Sign Language with a medical focus
- a firefighter can learn Spanish for first responders
- a landscaper can learn English specifically for landscapers
- a retired teacher can brush up on her written French
No changes are needed for the URL or for learners already accessing Pronunciator, though libraries may wish to refresh Pronunciator digital graphics with a completely new set:
The Main Course, Learning Guides, and other features users have grown accustomed to are still all there. However, the experimental ProLive service has been discontinued.
Another new feature related to Personalized Courses is an optional daily reminder to keep learners on track. The email reminder contains a link that will both automatically log the learner in, and whisk them to precisely where they last left off.

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