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Information for Libraries: Learning Express

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Access to this resource ends March 31, 2023.  A new test prep resource will be coming soon.

GoWYLD Library Information - Learning Express Library

About Learning Express Library

Learning Express has been available through GoWYLD since 2005. This resource has a collection of more than 1000 practice tests and skills tutorials for academic career advancement and more than 200 eBooks. The learning centers cover adult learning, college prep, career prep, high school equivalency and more. Job and Career Accelerator was added in early 2017 and includes resume writing and job search skills as well as a computer skills center.

Learning Express Library is funded by the Wyoming State Library for Statewide Access


Usage Summaries / All Libraries
Fiscal Year Sessions Registrations Tests Courses
FY22 1,708 525    700   92
FY21 2,488 735 1,197 162
FY20 1,664 412    701 206
FY19 2,561 597 1,209 251
FY18 1,723 632    969 92


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