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Information for Libraries: Digital Content Transition 2020

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Transition Timeline for Digital Content

Due to changes in ownership and content available for subscription, the State Library will no longer license RBdigital for statewide access as of October 1, 2020.  Audiobook content will be transitioned to the cloudLibrary platform*.  Magazines will not be available after October 1.

Timeline 2020 (dates may change slightly)

July 1 - all new audio purchased exclusively on cloudLibrary

July 1 - September 30 - alerts and reminders for patrons (including in-app messaging where possible)

August 1 - checkouts and holds limits reduced on RBdigital

August 15-31  - begin removal of RBdigital branding from WYLDcat

September 1 - remove RBdigital content from eResource Central harvest in WYLDcat/Enterprise and WYLDcat Mobile

September 10 - request 'forget me' process on all user data with no activity in past 6 months

September 16 - all purchased audio licenses migrated from RBdigital to cloudLibrary

September 16-30 - access to subscription title content only (RBdigital)

September 1-30 - request member libraries remove RBdigital branding from local websites

September 30 - request 'forget me' process on all remaining user accounts


*Only purchased audiobook licenses can be migrated.  This equates to over 7,300 copies.  

Additional Details

Library website updates

Prior to September 30th, libraries should update any links to RBdigital audiobook content to point to the cloudLibrary instead.  The recommended URL is

Any links or images referencing RBdigital Magazines should be removed from the library's website.

Patrons may contact with questions.


Other RBdigital Products

Libraries with licensing for other RBdigital subscriptions like Universal Class or The Great Courses should contact their Recorded Books salesperson for details on the continued availability of these resources. 

Physical media - Recorded Books content on physical media (MP3 / CD Books) will still be available from the company.  Libraries should contact Recorded Books sales with any questions.


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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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