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Help with GoWYLD: Help for Schools

Troubleshooting tips for access to GoWYLD resources

School Access to GoWYLD Resources

K12 sites in Wyoming have access to all resources linked on GoWYLD.  GoWYLD authentication is based on location IP address, so any changes in a school's network addressing, including updates to iBoss filter addresses may result in a loss of authenticated access. 

If you are asked to log in to use a GoWYLD resource when you are on a school campus, please contact your school district's technology department to verify the public IP addresses of all computers used by both staff and students.  When contacting us at, we will ask for any updates to IP addresses.

Additionally, any schools using filters are advised to whitelist the following domains:


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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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