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General Information

Select a tab above for more information about products available on GoWYLD. E.g. descriptions, marketing, & promotional materials, widgets and toolkits, faqs, and more.

  • GoWYLD Announcements (announcements, service issues, etc.)
  • Training Opportunities (recorded webinars)
  • Shared Purchases Committee - see tab above (purchase suggestions, needs assessments)
  • Usage Statistics - select database or digital content tab for statistics for each resource, or use the Usage Statistics tab above.

Digital Content Services

Wyoming Library users have access to eBooks, audiobooks and digital magazines with Overdrive/Libby:

Streaming ebooks, graphic novels and more for children and young adults are available in Tumblebook Library and TeenBookCloud.

Frequent Questions

Technical Difficulties

Authentication: If you are asked for a username and password or library card and pin, and you are in a site that should not have to provide credentials, please contact the WYLD Support Team at support @ If your network addresses have changed, you may not be able to access licensed products. If you know in advance that your library's addressing will be changing, it is helpful to let us know as soon as possible to reduce the amount of time you will not have access. more information

Site is down: If possible, advance notice about scheduled downtime is shared to the WYLDNEWS listserv posted on the GoWYLD announcements page. For unexpected technical issues, you may call the WYLD Support team Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm. It is best to contact the State Library first, rather than contacting the vendor directly. Your library will need to contact vendors for issues with products that you have licensed individually.

See also WYLD Technical Support

Who has access?

Most of the resources linked from the GoWYLD research and discovery pages are available for any Wyoming citizen or are freely available to anyone. Licensed products are available for use without authentication from within WYLDCAT member libraries, all public k-12, and academic institutions. Most products are also available to home users. Notes indicating any restrictions on use are included in the database descriptions for each product on GoWYLD.

My library has other resources that are not on GoWYLD. How do I access those?

If your library licenses a resource locally, and you wish to provide remote access to your users, contact the WYLD Support Team at support @ for more information.


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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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