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Information for Libraries: HeritageQuest Online

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GoWYLD Library Information - HeritageQuest Online

If you are unable to access HeritageQuest Online from a library or school building, please contact us at

About HeritageQuest Online

HeritageQuest Online provides genealogical and historical sources for more than 60 countries, with coverage dating back as early as the 1700s.

This database is funded by the University of Wyoming for statewide access and was added to GoWYLD in March 2021.

Use this link to access HeritageQuest -->:

 *Community colleges may not be able to access this resource on campus.


Usage Statistics

Subscription began in March 2021.  Fiscal Year statistics for FY21 are for March - June only.

Source: Counter Database R1
Fiscal Year Sessions Searches
FY24    146 1,586
FY23    262 5,940
FY22 1,652 5,853
FY21 (partial)    148 1,248


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