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Information for Libraries: Shared Purchases Committee

support for GoWYLD resources

The Shared Purchases Committee is a statewide committee with representation from different types of libraries.  Members of the committee are not necessarily members of the WYLD Consortia.  The committee has monthly meetings to discuss and review resources licensed for statewide use, as well as evaluate new products on an as-needed basis.

The Wyoming State Library Shared Purchases Committee recommends resources for inclusion on GoWYLD with a focus on subscription resources.  Free resources will only be recommended if vetted as comprehensive and authoritative, e.g. Library of Congress, ERIC, etc.  Decisions are based on statewide needs assessment, feedback from public, school, and academic libraries, and funding availability. Suggested resources not meeting above criteria will not be considered or recommended. 

Committee Members

  • Denis Shannon - University of Wyo - Chair -
  • Sarah Mailloux - Casper College -
  • Stefanie Hunt- Linford and Harmony Elementary Schools -
  • Mary Hipol- Uinta County Library-
  • Meghan Kelly - Laramie County Community College -
  • Rachael Svoboda - Laramie County Library -
  • Michelle Ottoes-Laramie County SD
  • Paige Bredenkamp - Wyoming State Library -

Committee Charge

The Shared Purchases Committee :
  • Identifies potential products/resources for statewide licensing;
  • Serves as a point of contact for vendors;
  • Arranges trials;
  • Recommends purchases;
  • Identifies funding sources;
  • Monitors use and evaluates purchases;
  • Communicates marketing needs;
  • Identifies training needs.



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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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