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Information for Libraries: CQ Researcher

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GoWYLD Library Information - CQ Researcher

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CQ Researcher is licensed by the Wyoming State Library for the use of Wyoming residents.

Product Description

CQ Researcher - covering today's most important issues and controversial subjects, CQ Researcher has been the choice of students and librarians for 90 years. Each weekly issue - written by an experienced journalist - is an in-depth, single-topic report featuring more than 12,000 words of text and extensive bibliographies.


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Fiscal Year Searches Record Views
FY 20 3,097 4,621
FY 19 6,033 7,952
FY 18 6,418 9,513
FY 17 6,628 9,654

Usage is not available for individual libraries. Data is compiled using the COUNTER Platform Report 1 (R4).


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