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About GoWYLD

About GoWYLD

GoWYLD provides Wyoming libraries and residents access to databases and other resources that support research, lifelong learning, business and career development, personal enrichment, and more.

GoWYLD is made possible with funding from the State of Wyoming, The Institute of Museum & Library Services, and cooperative agreements between libraries of all types in Wyoming including public libraries, the University of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Community Colleges. GoWYLD provides a significant cost savings to libraries in Wyoming as many could not support the licensing of these resources on their own.

GoWYLD resources are available to anyone with a Wyoming library card. With few exceptions all resources are available to library card holders who access the site from inside a library or school building, from home, or outside of Wyoming, anywhere in the world.

The Shared Purchases Committee, which is composed of librarians from different regions and types of libraries throughout the state, conducts an annual needs assessment and reviews new and existing products regularly.

Who We Serve

GoWYLD provides free access to resources that support and engage Wyoming users of all ages, whatever their information and learning needs may be, pre-Kindergarten through college age and beyond.

Children in the pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade age range find library resources that support early childhood development and early readers in multiple formats. Child-friendly databases aid young researchers whatever their topics may be. Both parents and young children benefit from the wide variety of resources available at GoWYLD Kids.

Students in middle school through high school and college age find help for their research, can prepare for numerous academic tests, and benefit from many library resources that support college readiness, lifelong learning, & personal enrichment.

Adults who use GoWYLD are aided in their research on any topic, can find assistance for career development & employment opportunities, and enjoy content that engages users in lifelong learning & personal enrichment.

Key Content Areas

GoWYLD provides access to multiple full-text article databases with rich content for current issues as well as deep backfiles for historical research. Subject areas include science and technology, social issues, current events, education, health sciences, literature and language arts, business development, government information, unique Wyoming resources, and more. GoWYLD also serves as an authoritative source for general information on any topic through access to encyclopedias designed for users of all ages.

GoWYLD provides resources for lifelong learning through readers advisory, language learning, genealogy research, and resources that support personal enrichment through access to digital content in a variety of formats.

GoWYLD also links to the library catalogs of all public and academic libraries in Wyoming as well as a number of special and school libraries.

History & Funding

Wyoming library users have had access to databases for full text article research and more since the mid-1990s. The Wyoming State Legislature increased funding to the State Library in 1996 which allowed the State Library to negotiate resource licensing to extend access to all Wyoming residents, regardless of their location. Another significant source of funding for GoWYLD are federal Library Services & Technology Act (LSTA) funds made available through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

In recent years, the University of Wyoming has negotiated licensing agreements that include access for the entire state, Wyoming Community Colleges have purchased digital content that is available for everyone, and many individual libraries help support the growing collections of digital materials. Cooperative funding and the involvement of all library types in the ongoing support and development of resources available on GoWYLD are prominent examples of the long history of cooperation between libraries in Wyoming.

Selection & Collection Development

The Shared Purchases Committee, comprised of librarians from different regions and types of libraries throughout the state, conducts an annual needs assessment and reviews new and existing databases regularly.

Digital books, audiobooks, and magazines are  selected by the Wyoming State Library and contributing libraries member libraries.


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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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