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Information for Libraries: Ancestry Library

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GoWYLD Library Information - Ancestry Library

If you are unable to access Ancestry Library from a library or school building, please contact us at

About Ancestry Library

Ancestry Library is the world's most popular online genealogy resource. Ancestry™ Library Edition, distributed exclusively by ProQuest and powered by, delivers billions of records in census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more in 7,000 unique databases.

Ancestry Library is funded by the Wyoming State Library for in library use only.

Use this link to access Ancestry Library -->


Fiscal Year Sessions Searches Citation/Images Text
FY24 5,597 138,608 51,495 94,002
FY23 6,108 144,565 64,601 71,064
FY22   7,270 144,048 52,044 69,538
FY21   8,433 144,144 25,292  68,207
FY20   7,012 129,806 63,680  87,215
  • Citation/Image counts are for any view of a scanned image such as a Census page.
  • Text counts are counts for anything that doesn't include an original document, such as OCR'd documents, compiled indexes, etc.

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