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Information for Libraries: LinkedIn Learning

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GoWYLD Library Information - LinkedIn Learning

If you are experiencing problems accessing any LinkedIn Learning, please contact

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is licensed for statewide use by the Wyoming State Library.  A WYLD library card is required to use this resource.


This FAQ will answer many common questions.

See the guide below for help with setting up the LinkedIn Learning Mobile App.


Learning Content Highlights
FY Course Views Course Completions Video Views Video Completions Hours Viewed
FY23 7,979 983 36,414 27,857 1,869
FY22 7,115 1,717 44,991 38,350 2,168
FY21 1,939    688 17,943 16,865    996

Activated Seats : 1,918 (FY23); 1,302 (FY22) ; 649 (FY21)

Total Unique Viewers : 818 (FY23); 882 (FY22) ; 316 (FY21)

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