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Important Update!   Beginning in late July 2019, Gale will be updating the user experience and other features in many of their databases. More information can be found on the Gale Enhancements page. Highlights include moving all products to https, re-branding, and searching improvements. To learn more about the timeline for specific products, see the Gale support site.

GOWYLD Library Information - Gale Databases

If you are experiencing problems accessing any Gale database, please contact us at

The Wyoming State Library and the University of Wyoming partner to provide access to multiple Gale resources including article databases, Chilton's auto repair, the digital magazine archives of The Economist, Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, and the popular 'In Context' series of visually engaging and interactive research databases, as well as primary source archives in Gale Primary Sources and Archives Unbound and ebooks in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. All of these databases are available to all institutions and residents of Wyoming.

Authentication: Gale uses geolocation for Wyoming. The Geoip check url will provide seamless access to Gale products for most users in Wyoming. Users whose IPs are not recognized will be redirected to either the State Library proxy server or a college proxy server, based on the location ID in the original link.

Usage Statistics (Gale Databases & Chilton Library)

GALE usage is reported using the standard COUNTER Database Report on a Fiscal Year basis. This report provides more details by database used and reduces the duplicate counts for searches logged in the standard reports.
Site level usage is not accurate for Gale products as it is logged by the location ID referenced in the URL. Library specific usage can only be tracked if a site is using a unique Location ID in the link (URL)

Chilton Library usage shows hit counts for the product, equating to searches.

Gale Databases - COUNTER Database 1 Reports

Chilton Library Usage - FY 17 - Fy 18

Contact Desiree Saunders at desiree.saunders @ if you have any questions or would like to request a more frequent report for Gale usage.

Search Widgets

Get search widgets like the ones here by logging in to the Support site with the wylrc_wyomingst Location ID and selecting 'Widgets' from the 'Increase Usage' drop down menu. Copy and paste the code into your web page.

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