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Information for Libraries: EBSCO & NoveList

support for GoWYLD resources

GoWYLD Library Information - EBSCO Databases

If you are experiencing problems accessing any EBSCO database, please contact us at

EBSCO databases on GoWYLD include general article databases, health resources, History Reference Center, Novelist Plus and Novelist K8 Plus, among others. All of these databases are available to all institutions and residents of Wyoming. Some libraries may subscribe to additional EBSCO resources which are not part of the statewide subscription, such as Consumer Reports.

Authentication: EBSCO uses geolocation for Wyoming. The GeoIP check url will provide seamless access to EBSCO products for most users in Wyoming. Users whose IPs are not recognized will be asked to provide a library card number.

The Wyoming State Library and the University of Wyoming license EBSCO resources jointly. The WSL subscriptions are for Academic Search Premier, MAS Fulltext Ultra School Ed., Middle Search Plus, Primary Search, Novelist Plus, and Novelist Plus K-8. All other statewide EBSCO databases are licensed by the University of Wyoming as of July 1, 2018. These include MasterFILE Complete, Business Source Complete, Consumer Health Complete, History Reference Center, and more. Some interfaces, such as 'Explora' include databases licensed by both WSL and UW.

Usage Statistics

Source : EBSCO Interface Usage Report
Fiscal Year Sessions Searches Full-text Requests
FY23 132,759 199,163 121,032
FY22 143,340 224,564 129,162
FY21 152,824 252,513 142,880
FY20 148,129 278,268 167,640
FY19 170,872 329,800 192,205

Report Term Definitions

Abstract Requests: Counted when a user views detailed record of an article, or hovers over the article preview feature of an article in a result list..

Result Clicks: A click originating from a set of search results; i.e. the same as a Search Click

Sessions: A user Visit to an EBSCO interface (EBSCOhost, Consumer Health Complete, Student Research Center, etc.) Each unique Visit to these interfaces is counted as a Session. When a user visits one of these interfaces a Session ID is generated. This ID becomes active for 24 hours and multiple users may access the interface using this Session ID thus incrementing the Session count for this one SessionID.

Total Full Text Request: The sum of all Full Text requests made while within an EBSCO interface.

Total Requests: A total count of all HTML and PDF full text requests

Total Search Clicks: When an EBSCO user looks up data, this look-up is registered as a Search.

Recommended URLs (GeoIP)

Copy and paste these URLs to your library website. For assistance with site specific links, contact the State Library.

Academic Search Premier:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=aph
Alt Health Watch:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=awh
Business Source Complete:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=BTH
Consumer Health Complete:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=CHC
EBSCOhost (all):,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost
Explora Middle School:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=expl_middl
Explora Primary School:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehk5
Explora Public Library:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehpl
Explora Teachers Resources:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehed
Explora Secondary School:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=src_ic
Fuente Academica:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=zbh
Funk & Wagnalls:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=funk
Health Source Nursing Academic Ed.:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=hch
History Reference Center:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=hrc
MAS Ultra:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=ulh
MasterFILE Complete:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=f6h
Middle Search:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=mih
NoveList Plus:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=novplus&defaultdb=novp
Novelist K-8 Plus:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=novpk8&defaultdb=novpk8
Primary Search:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=prh
Regional Business News:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=bwh
Teacher Reference Center:,geo,cpid&geocustid=s5457189&custid=s5457189&profile=ehost&defaultdb=trh


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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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