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Information for Libraries: SIRS Issues Researcher & Discoverer

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GoWYLD Library Information - SIRS Issues Researcher & Discoverer

If you are experiencing problems accessing SIRS Issues Researcher, please contact the State Library at

Wyoming Libraries have access to SIRS Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer through licensing provided by the University of Wyoming.  Issues Researcher includes the resources from Government Reporter and Renaissance as of August 2019.  SIRS Discoverer, a resource for younger audiences, is available using a separate link.


Link to SIRS Issues Researcher -

Link to Sirs Discoverer -

          *Community colleges may not have access to this resource on campus..

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Usage Statistics (Issues Researcher & Discoverer)

Fiscal Year Sessions Searches Full Text Views
FY20* 35,664 82,356 11,639
FY19 55,948 31,176 20,841
FY18 26,214 26,622 18,948

*Reporting changed with FY20 after the SIRS products were migrated to the Proquest platfrom. Usage statistics are now included in the Proquest Summary reports. 


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