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GOWYLD Library Information - Britannica

If you are experiencing problems accessing Britannica Online, please contact the State Library at

Britannica Online products are licensed for use in Wyoming by the Wyoming State Library for statewide access.

Britannica Interfaces licensed by the Wyoming State Library - licensed annually (Statewide access, all libraries)

  • Britannica Academic - product information
  • Britannica Public Library - product information
    • Levels for Children, Young Adults, and Reference Center for high school and adult researchers
  • Britannica School - product information
    • Levels for elementary, middle, and high school researchers, as well as Britannica Learning Zone for Pre K-2

Access Information
Method of access - IP based, remote access allowed

Links for your website
These will allow for remote access. For direct access, remove the proxy server prefix

  • Britannica Academic :
  • Britannica Public Library : (children, young adult, adult, world data analyst)
  • Britannica School : (learning zone, elementary, middle & high school)


Fiscal Year Usage Summaries (All Britannica Online Interfaces)
Fiscal Year Sessions Queries


FY18 176,135 640,459 472,778
FY17 151,714 618,648 307,635
FY16 115,149 749,185 364,183
FY15 255,437 896,416 352,775

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