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GOWYLD Library Information - Proquest Databases

If you are experiencing problems accessing any Proquest database, please contact us at

Proquest products are licensed for use in Wyoming by the Wyoming State Library and the University of Wyoming for statewide access. The Wyoming Community Colleges maintain a separate contract for Proquest resources which may vary from the list of databases available on GoWYLD.

Databases Licensed by the Wyoming State Library - licensed annually (Statewide access, all libraries)

Databases Licensed by the University of Wyoming (Statewide access through 2020, with the exception of Community Colleges)

Access Information
Method of access - IP based, remote access allowed, except for Ancestry Library, which is licensed for in-library use only.

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Usage Statistics (ProQuest Platform)

COUNTER Database Report 3 : Consortium (Total searches and sessions by month and database)

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