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Literature Resources

Includes RA, works, author biographies, poetry, study guides, literary criticism and more.


Sample Searches and Additional Poetry Resources in

Under the subject, Student Research, select High School (Gale In Context). Selecting Browse Topic, you will find: Poetry. This includes a poetry overview, Critical Thinking questions for students to consider, major works and authors. 

From the main page, you can conduct a search, for example, poets. Then narrow to Creative Works. This will result in poems that  Include notes within the poem to explain and define. Poets such as, Keats, Milton, Frost, Palmer, Holmes.

Exploring Poetry (search “exploring poetry” Publication Title in Advanced Search)

Select Manhole Covers. (result # 18 on April 6, 2021) Notice the More Like This links on the right that allow for deeper exploration of the work. 

For book titles, take a look at Books & Authors. Select nonfiction + humanities + Literature. Then search poetry to browse titles. Or try an advanced search selecting nonfiction, young adult and subject poetry boxes. No need to add terms to search boxes to get results.  



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