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Digital Library: eAudio and eBooks

Audiobooks & eBooks

Check out the newest bestsellers and dive deep into thousands of other ebooks and audiobooks in all areas of interest in the cloudLibrary

Apps available for Apple (iOS), Android, Kindle Fire, and web browsers.

Cloud Library AppcloudLibrary
Mobile apps : Apple | Android | Kindle Fire
Web patron / e-Ink* see below


Need Help? See the tab at the top of this guide for Using cloudLibrary

Web patron / e-Ink & Desktop Apps update:  Patrons can now download books to transfer to an e-Ink device for offline reading using the web browser app.  The desktop apps for PC and MacOS will be discontinued at the end of 2020. *Kindle e-Ink devices are not supported.  Click on the 'Using cloudLibrary' tab above for more information.

Please note that the RBdigital service for Wyoming was discontinued on October 1, 2020 due to a change in company ownership.


Looking for more? Check with your local public library to see if you have access to additional content or browse for free audio & ebooks on one of these suggested sites:

       Unite for Literacy | Open Culture | Project Gutenberg | Internet Archive | OpenLibrary


Frequently Asked

Frequent Questions - Wyoming Users
see also - cloudLibrary frequent questions - all users

Why can't I log in?
If you are unable to log in, contact your library to see if your library card has expired or has a barred or blocked status. Although the cloudLibrary does not always provide an error message as to why a log in attempt has failed, the most common cause is that the user's card is not valid because it has expired or has a blocked status.

Why can't I open book after updating my account?
If your library account becomes blocked due to an expired card or fines, or you have changed your library card number, you will no longer be able to open checked out content in the apps. After updating your account, if you are still having problems opening books, try logging out completely and closing the app. When you restart the app, you will need to reenter your library information. While not usually necessary, it may also help to restart your device or reinstall the cloudLibrary app. If you still encounter errors after taking these steps, please contact your local public library for assistance.

My library card number has changed, can I still access my cloudLibrary account?
To link your new library card number to your previous cloudLibrary account, please fill out this form. You will need both the old number and the new one.

Why did my hold disappear?
When a book you have on hold becomes available, you have three days to check it out before it moves on to the next person. Make sure that you have the correct email address associated with your account by tapping on 'account' and 'notifications' in the app. You should also check that messages from the cloudLibrary are not going into your spam folder.

My book wouldn't open and I was advised to return it, but now I am at the bottom of a long holds list!
If you have had to return a book because the file was corrupted during the download process, please email us at and we will move your hold to the top of the list.

Why can I only have books for two weeks?
The cloudLibrary is a statewide service for all Wyoming library card holders. To best meet demand, we limit all checkouts to two weeks and only allow five items at a time to be checked out. If a title doesn't have any holds on it, you may renew it prior to expiration.

Why do some books disappear from the cloudLibrary, or you don't have all the titles in a series?
Many publishers have licensing restrictions that cause ebooks to expire after a period of time or a set number of checkouts. cloudLibrary buyers receive a report of titles that have expired, but if there wasn't high demand for that title, or if funding is not available, it may not be repurchased. It is also important to realize that not all content has been made available in digital format, or there may be an embargo on sales to libraries.

Can I request titles for purchase?
Tap on the 'suggest' button in the app to recommend an unowned title. Library selectors receive a report of suggested titles, but funding may not be available to honor all requests. You may also contact your local public library for purchase requests.

I have purchased my own ebooks and e-audio, can I donate them to the library?
Unfortunately, library licensing and licensing for personal use are different, so it is not possible for the library platform to accept licenses for digital content purchased by consumers. If you would like to suggest a purchase, you may contact your local library or send an email to

Can I transfer an audiobook to an MP3 player?
The cloudLibrary desktop app does not currently support the ability to transfer audio licenses to a device. A device must be able to install one of the cloudLibrary apps to be able to play audio files.

More questions? - email us at


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Your library may license resources not listed here. Please check with your local library for a complete list of available resources.

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