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World War One and Wyoming: Home

Learn about Wyomingites who fought "over there" and those who stayed on the homefront during the Great War. This guide also includes a bibliography and where to find additional information on Wyoming and World War One.



(WSA MM Battery C Boys on cannon with bucking horse emblem, Germany 1918)

World War One was a major event in Wyoming history, as it was for the rest of the nation. It galvanized the state as no previous event had ever done.  One result was a rapid mobilization of men and resources.  Men were drafted into all military services and served all over the world, bringing their experiences, good and bad, with them when they returned.  For those who remained home, the war fostered a heightened sense of patriotism and nationalism.

Within the Wyoming State Archives are various records documenting the war effort from the personal perspective to the state level.

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