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World War One and Wyoming: Bibliography

Learn about Wyomingites who fought "over there" and those who stayed on the homefront during the Great War. This guide also includes a bibliography and where to find additional information on Wyoming and World War One.

Oral Histories (Primary Sources)

OH-812, George D. Johnson

OH-905, Herman Krueger

OH-1145, Grigg Family

OH-1538, William Skiles

Books (Primary/Secondary Sources)

Biographies of the Uinta County Service Men Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice, Also a Complete Roster of All Men From Uinta County (n.d.) See H71-11 and C-1070

In the World War, 1917-1918-1919, Sheridan County, Wyoming (n.d.) See H71-11

A History of the Sixty-sixth Field Artillery Brigade. American Expeditionary Forces . . . compiled by W.A. Sawtell (Denver: Smith-Brooks Printing Company, 1919?)

"Four Minute Men Bulletins," Committee on Public Information, bound, 1917-1918, Wyoming State Archives 940.4 U58

Resources Outside the Wyoming State Archives

Rocky Mountain Online Archives (RMOA)

The RMOA is a regional catalog to archival collections in Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. This is a wonderful resource for finding primary sources, including those at the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming.

Military Service Records

The majority of the troops sent overseas during WWI were a part of the US military, and thus their service records are house at the National Archives. A fire during the 1970s destroyed some service records.

Historical Records Collection (Primary/Secondary Sources)

C-1063, Edith K.O. Clark Collection

Records about her work with the Red Cross in France

B-817, Edith Frances Elkar Collection

Report of her service with the Red Cross

C-1287 Saddie Roddis Collection

Three letters from George T. Blair to Sadie Roddis

H60-10, R.S. Mentzer Collection

Military records of the 148th Field Artillery. Administrative records about the Wyoming National Guard and individual companies prior to and during World War One.  Topics include mobilization, outfitting, training, orders, personnel issues, promotions, court-martials and other disciplinary actions, and detachments to Pathfinder Reservoir.

H64-90, Percy Nowlin Collection

Two letters from Daniel C. Nowlin about the war from the perspective of Jackson, Wyoming

H71-8, Eunice C. Anderson Collection

Information about Wyoming servicemen

H71-9, 100 Per Cent American Society of Cheyenne

Constitution, minutes and membership list.

H71-11, World War One – Wyoming

Correspondence, publications, reports, notes and newspaper articles about the home front, soldiers, library work, and historical documentation

H73-40, Marhsall S. Reynolds Collection

Official and personal papers about administration and training

H79-2, Platte County Red Cross

Correspondence, branch records, and membership records of the Red Cross in Platte County

H79-41, Frank A. Canary Collection

Personal records and copies of official records about the 148th Filed Artillery Brigade

H88-29, Daughters of the American Revolution War Service Records


H91-51, Veterans of World War I of the USA

Administrative, convention, and membership records.

H98-39, Joe E. Chamberlin Collection

Records of Joe E. Chamberlin who served aboard the USS Wyoming

H2007-52, Carrigen Family Collection

Correspondence and military records of Thomas Carrigen’s service in the Army at Fort Funston

State Government Records Collections (Primary Sources)

Acting-Governor Frank Houx Records, RG0001.20

Correspondence, reports, and various administrative records about government and private endeavors.  

Adjutant General Records, RG0007

Correspondence and reports about national guard units and individuals, including a listing of women volunteers, minutes for the Council for National Defense, a list of casualties, and a list of metal recipients. 

Fremont County Clerk, RG1053

Draft board records

Governor John B. Kendrick Records, RG0001.19

Correspondence, reports, and various administrative records about government and private endeavors.

US Attorney for Wyoming

Correspondence about "slackers" (those not contributing to the war effort, draft dodgers, or "anti-Americans") and alien enemies.

Wyoming Council for National Defense, RG0223

Correspondence, membership lists, minutes, and reports


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